Your Prescription

The left-hand side of the sheet contains the prescription which should be given to the chemist / pharmacist. The right-hand side of the sheet which may be torn off at the perforated strip, contains details of any repeat medications you have and may also contain useful patient information or reminders e.g. flu or travel clinics. Please read this carefully and ensure that the details are correct.

We do not take new prescription requests over the telephone, however if you have a query regarding a prescription please call between 10-11am or 3-4pm where our prescription team will be able to help with your enquiry.

Repeat Prescription Requests

For patients on regular medication, there are now several ways that your repeat prescription request can be processed.

  • Use the repeat request sheet on the right hand side of the prescription. The items that you require should be ticked on the sheet. Please leave this at reception or else post it to us. If you would like your prescription returned by post, please enclose a stamped, addressed envelope.
  • Alternatively use ‘Online Access’, once you have registered for ‘Online Access’ you can order your repeat prescription electronically by logging in and ticking the items that you require.
  • You may also request your repeat prescription using the online form on the Repeat Prescriptions page.  If you are requesting an item that you either have not used for a long time or this is the first request, please give a brief explanation as to why you require this medication. This information will help the doctor asses the item you have requested and will avoid any delay in the processing of your request should it be authorised.

Please be aware that you cannot email your prescription requests.

Please allow two full working days for your prescription to be processed. In general however, your prescription should be available for collection after 3.00pm at the end of the two full working days. We will endeavour to contact you should there be any delay. Also please note that due to the requirement for regular medication reviews involving a doctor, your GP will need to review your medication periodically, this could mean that your prescription is delayed slightly and may occasionally take longer than our 2 working day target. Repeat prescription requests cannot be taken over the telephone unless you are housebound and have made special arrangements for this. Please carry the repeat sheet with you when you attend the surgery or hospital. If you have a question related to the administration of your repeat prescription or are housebound, you may call between 10.00am and 11.00am and between 3.00pm and 4.00pm, on 01202 411701.

Electronic Prescribing - Nominating a pharmacy

When your prescription is processed it is now possible for us to send it electronically to a nominated pharmacy. This means it does not need to be physically collected, it will automatically be available from your pharmacy once it has been processed by the GP.

When you have registered with your chosen pharmacy, you need to let us know, so that we can update your records. Every time you now order a repeat prescription, it will be sent electronically via EPS to your nominated pharmacy. Please see the patient information leaflet on the following link for further details on Electronic Prescribing (EPS):

Online Prescriptions

You will need to come to the Surgery in person with photo-id and ask the receptionist for details of how to register your interest for SystmOnline. The receptionist will print your login details. Then to start using the service click on the image below:

Please note: Online prescription ordering is also available via Systmone Online. For the present we will retain the existing email ordering via the practice website but would ask patients use one method only to avoid confusion.

TPP are pleased to announce that SystmOnline is now available to patients as an app for iPhones, iPads and other Apple devices running the iOS operating system. The app is listed on the App Store and is free to download. To download the app, search for "SystmOnline" in the app store.

Patients can use their existing SystmOnline login details to access the online services offered by your organisation via the app.

A PDF guide explaining the necessary configuration in SystmOne and the differences between the SystmOnline app and website will be published shortly.

Click Here to download a guide on how book appointments online with systmonline (.pdf)

Prescriptions Charges and Exemptions

Extensive exemption and remission arrangements protect those likely to have difficulty in paying charges (NHS prescription and dental charges, optical and hospital travel costs).

The NHS prescription charge is a flat-rate amount which successive Governments have thought it reasonable to charge for those who can afford to pay for their medicines. Prescription prepayment certificates (PPCs) offer real savings for people who need extensive medication.

NHS charges

From 1 April 2017 the charges are:

  • Prescription (per item): £8.60
  • 12-month prepayment certificate (PPC): £104.00
  • 3-month PPC: £29.10

If you will have to pay for four or more prescription items in three months, or more than 14 items in 12 months, you may find it cheaper to buy a PPC. The charge for a single prescription item is £8.05, whereas a three month PPC will cost you £29.10 and a 12 month PPC £104.00.

There is further information about prescription exemptions and fees on the NHS website

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