Appointment Times

Routine consultations are available between the hours of 8.30 to 10.00am and from 3.00 to 5.00pm Monday to Friday for both doctors and our practice nurses. Please be aware that not all doctors are full time and they may vary their working day. These appointments are pre-bookable up to five weeks in advance. Nurse appointments are available to book throughout the day and up to a month in advance.


Instead, we now have Nurse Practitioner Clinics at Gervis Road Surgery only. These are by appointment which are bookable each morning, and are for URGENT on the day matters. Please make an appointment by calling 01202 411700, you can ask the Receptionist for further advice, however, the Nurse Practitioners are able to treat a wide variety of ailments without the need to see a GP. They are also able to issue prescriptions.

Outside of these Nurse Practitioner appointments any very urgent, not routine matters may be dealt with via the duty doctor who is available from 8.00am until 6.30pm Monday to Friday.

Please call 01202 411700, our main surgery number for appointments.

Phone Consultations

We also provide some limited telephone consultations for 'advice only' to patients, if you ask for a morning call this should be made before 12.30pm and if you request an afternoon call, it may be any time up until 7.00pm. Therefore this service is not suitable for arranging appointments, addressing urgent matters, or prescription requests. It is simply to obtain general advice. In the event that the telephone advice slots are taken for a particular doctor on the day, you may choose another doctor who is working that day and has available slots. Please note the doctor will call when (s)he can – it may not be the same day.

Please allow the receptionist to check your telephone number so that the doctor can ring you back. In addition, we do need to maintain accurate contact details for our patients. Please make sure you are near the telephone and are able to take the call as the doctor will only call once.


If you would like a chaperone present during your consultation, then please advise the receptionist when booking your appointment or when checking in.

On-line Appointments

To be able to book appointments on-line, you will need to come to the Surgery in person with photo-id and ask the receptionist for details of how to register your interest for SystmOnline. The receptionist will print your login details. Then to start using the service click on the image below:

click here for systmone

Please note: Online prescription ordering is also available via Systm One Online. For the present we will retain the existing email ordering via the practice website but would ask patients use one method only to avoid confusion

TPP are pleased to announce that SystmOnline is now available to patients as an app for iPhones, iPads and other Apple devices running the iOS operating system. The app is listed on the App Store and is free to download. To download the app, search for "SystmOnline" in the app store.

Patients can use their existing SystmOnline login details to access the online services offered by your organisation via the app.

A PDF guide explaining the necessary configuration in SystmOne and the differences between the SystmOnline app and website will be published shortly.

Click Here to download a guide on how book appointments online with systmonline (.pdf)

Other considerations

For non-urgent routine appointments, please give us as much notice as possible due to the level of demand. Where possible, we will aim to provide your non-urgent routine appointment with your GP of choice, allowing for the fact that not all GP's work full time and that we operate over two sites with the same doctors and staff.

Our doctors and nurses meet together weekly to discuss patient care and to ensure a uniform and coherent approach.

Please note we will text you, with your consent, when your appointment has been made, and again with a reminder the day before your appointment is due, giving you the opportunity to keep or cancel your appointment.


If you are unable to make your appointment please let us know by telephone or text as soon as possible. Please help us to use our clinical time effectively. We have, on average over 30 non-urgent routine appointments lost each week as patients either forget, or do not bother to inform us. This is around two whole sessions of doctor time each week, sometimes more and costs time and money.

Make the most of your appointment

  • Ask yourself: How important is being seen quickly, or would I be better waiting to see a GP who knows me and my condition?
  • If a GP runs late – are they spending needed time with patients? One day you may appreciate them running late for you.
  • It’s sensible to bring a list, but consider what’s achievable in 12 minutes. 4 problems? That’s 150 seconds each. It's usually better to come back again rather than squeezing everything into 12 minutes.
  • Beforehand, work out what’s really worrying you. Make short notes that describe your symptoms.
  • Get to the point: don’t beat about the bush and don’t “save” important issues until the end.
  • Wear accessible clothing if you’re likely to need to undress for examination.
  • Make sure you understand what has been agreed and what is happening next.

New Text Cancellation Service MJOG

This is a very useful application for patients and the surgery in providing reminders for appointments at the Practice. It also gives patients the opportunity to cancel in advance by replying to the received text message so avoiding missing appointments, having Did Not Arrive notification on your record and ensuring that appointments are not lost to other patients.

MJOG also allows us to inform you of other health related messages, annual reviews or practice information.

We only use text based services for internal practice use to deliver health related issues, messages and reminders personally to you. We will not use this service for any other non-health related purpose or allow any third party access to this service.

Please let us know if you change your mobile number.

Home Visits

Patients should attend the surgery whenever possible. For patients who are unable to attend due to severe, Acute illness or prolonged debilitating problems, requests for a home visit should be made whenever possible before 11.00am. Please provide details of name, address, telephone number and the reason for the visit. The doctor will return your call and asses the need for a home visit. Visits requested after 11.00am should be for emergencies only and will normally be done by the duty doctor for the day.

Out of Hours Emergenices

Telephone Bournemouth 01202 411700. If the surgery is closed, you will hear a recorded message giving you a number of choices. Numbers given will be repeated for your convenience. You will then need to redial to either of the following services: for out of hours assistance dial NHS 111 and for life threatening emergencies dial 999. Note NHS 111 replaces both NHS Direct and previous Out of Hours contact numbers.

In the case of an Accident or emergency, which you think may require immediate hospital treatment,

The definition of an emergency is a critical or life-threatening situation, and includes things like: chest pain or suspected heart attack, head injury, severe blood loss, severe breathing difficulties, loss of consciousness, deep wounds and suspected broken bones. The nearest casualty departments are at the Royal Bournemouth Hospital, telephone 01202 303626, and Poole General Hospital,telephone 01202 665511.

A weekend walk in service is provided at the Boscombe and Springbourne Health Centre, 66-68 Palmerston Road, Boscombe. 01202 720174 The opening hours are from 8am - 8pm Saturday and Sunday only. Please note that this is a walk in service and patients will be seen on a first come, first serve basis, there are no pre-bookable appointments.

This service is NOT for repeat medication prescriptions or medical certificates.

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